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I. Spie

Summer Time and the Living is Easy?

by Dr. Jazz O’Boogie

As the ground cools and children cry,
A door opens to the unwilling masses,
The willing masses smile in assurance,
“You are in good hands, do not worry.”

“We are not worried, you son of a bitch, we are angry.”
The barren landscapes are nothing but a reminder,
A circular fan that spins straight ahead.

Maybe four hundred empty and full CD cases,
The flap their opaque wings as the flutter wearily into the dawn,
A dawn followed not by a day, but by those same masses,
Their smiles fixed, misuse of pronouns,

Superman does good.
You do well.

I do great, whichever you want to prefer.
Summer ends, with a coffee mug.

To Eat a Horse

Do not eat my horse
He is my everything
Plus, he tastes quite bad

-Mr. Mahogany Matisse 

Neon Leon

It is hot

In the Sun

The temperature is high

It is not fun

One quick thing,

I have lost my ring.

Somewhere else than here,

It isn’t very clear.

By I Spie


by Dr. Jazz O’Boogie

Wondering through a murky basement,
Clips of clops in succession with feeling,
Roll away,
From my heart is what I’m reeling.
Teach me lessons.

One through 70, I understand.
I agree.
I disagree.
Fantastical as one would understand.

If you feel slighted,
Then turn to the sun,
In that ensuring blindness you will find answers.

You will find every damn answer you need.

Anonymous said: i really liked your last poem, where did you get your inspirations from??

Thank you very much. The ideas I get are from my old country for most of the part. It is a very beautiful place to be living in. You cannot imagine how great the smells were. Oh, the cabbage soup my mother used to cook! We used to ride our bicycles to the lumber mill and watch the laborers cut the trees for hours! 

My grandfather is also a huge inspiration for me. He told me once a time ago (English translation) “…you cannot choose what finger will be cut off in the gulag. They will torture you for hours, not relenting. I saw my best friend’s arm sawed off from the elbow down. The blood, dear ———-, you cannot imagine how horrid it was. One piece of bread for every 5 prisoners. Haha I remember the good times we had there! Dmitri was always by my side, until of course he ran into the firing squad.”

He used to tell me this whenever I did not do the laundry or my school work. How I loved my dear grandpapa, he was such a sweet man. 

-Mr. Mahogany Matisse

Homeland Smells

by Mr. Mahogany Matisse

Do not fear the bear.
It will not eat you,
the beast only sniffs your hair.

Does it smell you?
Why are you scared?
It’s true, I’m a Jew.

Do not hate.
You’ve said enough.
I will skate a figure eight.

Flatulence in the breeze.
The smell is horrid.
I feel I will freeze. 

Why do you bother?
Please love me, Luke.
For I am your father.
Modern warfare is to be seen.
Not as good as before.
Its features will be lean.

No behemoths run.
It’s like a see-saw.
You will taste my gun.

Gray Carpet

By I Spie

Living on the dark side of nothing,

seeing everything through the eyes of my own,

scissors to paper cut the words,

while the bathroom is shut.

All for one little piece,

the animal within the bowl,

eating everything it sees,

before going to the hole.

Ode to a Lost Friend

by Dr. Jazz O’Boogie and Headhunter

Where for art thou?
A question asked so long ago.
But never answered.
Is it time for you to answer?

I wish I could forsake myself,
For the sorrow fills my vessels,
Yet a hint of happinesses,
Eases my noggin’s clutter.

Your Hearts filled with distance,
I ask and turn my head slowly,
You run, you turn, you fly,
It’s only for you I try.

Try to hard to see your face,
Yet the doors are open to sadness,
They weep, they fall, they die,
As my eyes fall and my tears call.

In pleasure I review the written.


You must climb these walls
For the cream cheese is not fresh
It has gone sour

-Mr. Mahogany Matisse 


It is great seeing our readers getting involved with the poetry process! As for my take on the matter, I think failed can have anywhere from 1 to 3 syllables, as the reader wishes! - Dr. Jazz O’Boogie

nathankanvick-deactivated201210 said: In regards to the word "Failed," it is the choice of the reader to determine just how to say a word. The logic behind "failed" being two syllables, as argued by your anonymous commentor strongly contradicts with the word's three vowels inside (the A, I, and E.) Though most people do not pronounce the -ed at the end of most verb, it can be pronounced if the speaker so wishes. The word "Jagged" we pronounce with two syllables, for example, whereas one could simply say "Jagg'd" Furthermore, this number-of-syllables rule also serves as a stick in muddy language. I know not many people who pronounce "failed" as "fa-iled." An inherent beauty in language rests in its fluid nature; we may change it as we so desire. And therefore, it is really your choice -- as the reader -- to determine just how to say "failed," let alone any other word you may come across.

Ah English is quite a confusing language to me. I will truly understand it one day.. thank you!

-Mr. Mahogany Matisse

Anonymous said: the word "failed" has two syllables. How many syllables a word has is dependent on the number of vowel sounds that are used in the word. It's not pronounced "faled" and it's not pronounced "filed". both the "a" and the "i" are pronounced, giving the word two syllables.

Hmm. You must forgive me, I am not a native English speaker. I try my best to understand English, but even the best of us fall back on our past habits, haha. Thank you for the correction, I will try my best to keep my work and my associates’ work up to English standards.

-Mr. Mahogany Matisse

Anonymous said: the last haiku you guys posted has 6 syllables in the first line

No, I don’t believe it does. The word failed has only one syllable if that is what you are referring to.


by Shizami Makuza, a friend of Mr. Mahogany Matisse

I failed at stir-fry
It turned out as good ramen
Joyous occasion


I was lecturing today when I noticed two students passing a note back and fourth, clearly not paying attention. I demanded that they give me the note and when they did I was ready to berate them for not paying attention and acting like children, that was until I realized what they had been writing. These two 20-something year olds had been insulting each other in Haiku form, and had filled up both sides of a page! I was delighted to see my students using what I had taught them in such an enjoyable fashion, and I promised them that they would not be punished. What they don’t know is that I’m going to share their work with all of you! So enjoy! (Be forewarned, some of what they wrote is a bit juvenile, but that’s no surprise coming from college students!) - Dr. Jazz O’Boogie

Haiku Battle 2!
More than sixty times as fierce,
I am triumphant!

Calm down Mr. N!
Don’t squeal, the winner is here!
Here to cause some tears.

You’re always rhyming,
It is not necessary,

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